Mass tourism: what to know?

There are many types of tourism that we observe nowadays. Among them is mass tourism, which has various impacts on the local population as well as on the environment. Find in this essay everything you can know about mass tourism.

Mass tourism, a factor harmful to the quality of life

Tourism is a factor generating several environmental damages with dangers like pollution, erosion, destruction of natural habitat as well as forest fires. The price of a tourist trip can cause a lot of damage even when travelers behave in a more responsible way.
Mass tourism has negative effects on the local population and on the environment. This is the case, for example, with the effects on water and air. For example, the pollution of Halong Bay attracts a lot of boats, which leads to its pollution. Reducing and regulating access to a mass tourism site are the key elements to be developed to fight against tourism when it attacks a particular site. Similarly, we find the non-adaptation of some places in order to contain a large number of travelers for reasons of lack of infrastructure.

Mass tourism, an imbalance in the rental market

Many cities refuse the construction of comfortable places such as hotels, restaurants and rental apartments in order to fight against the real estate pressure having to do with tourism. But the rise of home rental sites between individuals remains difficult for municipalities to monitor.
Many large tourist cities are thus promoting multiple initiatives to reduce these rentals. The tourist activity of this fact knows an increase on the needs in electricity, water and food. The road infrastructure, which is adequate for the local population, is also being challenged by the growth of tourists. This problem is particularly acute in places that experience large differences in visitation during the various seasons, which allows people to increase their productivity.
With these broad negative effects, mass tourism also has many benefits.